The documents and information on this web page is only a small portion of the amounts that will subsequently be published.  It is meant to give the readers a cursory look at what will eventually go down in the history books of Cape Coral Florida and the related parties and agencies that contributed to the overall story.  As of the writing of this post, not ONE City of Cape Coral person or department has attempted to correct the wrongs perpetrated against the religious entity involved.  On the contrary, a consorted effort by every new party coming into control of the city’s government has attempted to "cover up" the atrocities of the corruption disclosed.  Likewise, other government officials, including judicial members of the 20th Judicial Circuit Court and the US District Court; local, state, and federal elected legislative members; and the priests and pastors of the local churches have all turned a blind eye to the disclosed corruption, dishonesty, immoral, and un-Christian actions of the original parties.

                UPDATE  DECEMBER 1, 2022

          Unfortunately, due to my contacting Covid in July 2021 and the aftereffects suffered since, I have been unable to update this story and complete its publication as I would have liked.  But fortunately, although I still have some major respiratory issues that have slowed me down substantially, I am starting to regain my strength and hope that soon I will be able to make some major updates that will blow your mind.  Apparently, there are a few of the parties included in the “Cast of Characters” who are unhappy with my disclosure of their dishonest and immoral behavior and have attempted to sabotage said disclosures through threats and harassments.  However, rest assured, this story will continue one way or another because it is so important for the world to know just how dishonest, immoral, and unethical many of the “Characters” have acted.

Additionally, due to my deteriorating health, I have been in contact with several of my literary colleagues who have agreed to step in and complete my work if am no longer able to do so because, THIS STORY MUST BE TOLD.  This story, which will consist of 3 separate volumes, is a story of “A TOWN WITHOUT PITY” that has already subjected me to 17 separate threats and harassments to my safety and security. Not only will I be disclosing the atrocities of the City of Cape Coral, their respective employees and management, and the many associates who aided and abetted such atrocities, but will be disclosing the concerted effort of many who are trying to deter me from doing so.

   It seems like this story never ends.  Just when I think it is coming to a conclusion, all kinds of new events happen. Unfortunately due to continuous activities that have expanded the issues involved within Vol. 1 ofYes, Marni, There is No Place Like Cape Coral, 

                    Although almost all of the original cast of characters that initiated the original acts of the "Condemnation of a House of Worship," Interferences of religious practices, violations of The Federal and State Religious Freedom of Restoration Act, filing of a SLAPP litigation, and the unlawful discrimination of the Religious Community of The Nelsen Residence Inc. have either been fired, resigned, or retired in disgrace, the City of Cape Coral has added new replacement personnel who have continued in the persecution of the this small Religious Community who have stood up and objected to the atrocities of the original perpetrators.  A new City Manager, Roberto Hernandez, was nominated as The Grinch of 2021; a new Mayor, John Gunter, was nominated as The Krampus of 2021; and a complete City Council, Gloria Raso Tate, Dan Sheppard, Tom Hayden, Jennifer Nelson, Robert Welsh, Keith Long, and Jessica Cosden have all continued to ignore the vicious dishonest, immoral, unethical, and discriminatory practices of their predecessors.  As of December 27, 2021, none of the new personnel have contacted any of the members of The Nelsen Residence Inc. or made any effort to correct the abuses perpetrated by their predecessors making them all complicit and accountable.

Many people, such as the new personnel, do not realize that it is a crime to be complicit. Complicity, by definition, is the involvement in committing an illegal act or doing something wrong with another person. In reference to crime, complicity concerns the awareness of a crime’s occurrence, the capability to report it, but the failure to follow through with the report.

          The previous arrest of Judge Jay B. Rosman for solicitation of a prostitute and his subsequent resignation from the bench has added to the original unethical, dishonest, and Judicial Misconduct activities (See story in Judicial Misconduct News) on the part of 20th Circuit Court Judges Jay B. Rosman, John E. Duryea, and Alane Laboda. Along with the collusion of attorneys Robert Shearman, Richard Aiken, and Traci McKee of Fort Myers Law Firm Henderson, Franklin, Starnes, & Holt, P.A., it has resulted in the filing of formal Appeals in the Appellate Court, and complaints against the Judges with the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission. This alone has resulted in the addition of a new separate Chapter in Vol. 1. Just when you think that the corrupt Judges have been removed, it appears that the case, 15-CA-001568 in the 20th Circuit Court, assigned Judge James R. Shenko who has been very activ in his attempt to cover up the illicit activities of Judges Duryea and Rosman.  When I tried to find out who Judge Shenko was, I found that their is no picture of him nor any biography posted in the Court's webpage.

           The previous discovery of a fraudulent lien filed by the City of Cape Coral for unfounded assessments of non-existent water services by City employees Holly Goyette and Joette Domaleski has led to additional litigations being filed. Continuous unlawful, illicit, discriminatory and retaliatory actions by City personnel, William Boyd and Utilities Director, Jeff Pearson of the Cape Coral Water Department has evolved in an additional 2 Chapters in Vol. #2. 

           It is unbelievable how the dishonesty and abuse of authority by City Personnel, Marilyn Buck, Frank Cassidy, Kent Erik Liebegott, John Maher, and Harold S. Eskin, all in collusion with a known ex-felon, Michael Anagnos, has led to a ripple effect condemning a house of worship and interfering with the religious practice of a reputable Religious Community.  Yet, not ONE City of Cape Coral Administration (The City Council and Members; City Attorney Delores D. Menendez; City Manager John Szerlag; or the numerous supervisors and directors of the abusive employees under their direct supervision and control) has ever contacted any Officer, Director, or Community Member of The Nelsen Residence Inc., effectively attempting to cover up the illicit activities of their charges.

          Also, the intentional cover up of illicit perjury and conspiracy of Police Officer, Heath Lee Roody with Anagnos by new Chief of Police David Newland, has required an additional new Chapter.

           All and all, the continuous unfounded allegations, outrageous claims, and abusive activities of the responsible parties of the City of Cape Coral and the subsequent related Attorneys and Judges, have wreaked havoc within this small Religious Community, Haven of Divine Love, causing hundreds of innocent vulnerable parties irreparable harm.  Please see related documentation and information at;
          When this entire story is completed and published, it will place each and every party who contributed to the activities of the story in the history books of the City of Cape Coral Florida.  It will thoroughly show how dishonest, immoral, discriminatory, and Unchristian these individuals are, and how even the City Manager, John Szerlag, and the entire City Council have extended hundreds of hours and taxpayer costs in their attempted cover ups of illicit activities within their city.  Stay tuned.

Although the information posted on this web site is small in comparison to what will eventually be published, it gives an overall preview of what’s to come.  My story is not just a story.  It will go down in the history books of Florida, and every person or group involved will go down in history and will forever be remembered by the actions, or in-actions, they took.  Pandora’s Box has been opened. The ripple effects of the dishonest, immoral, and deplorable actions of a handful of employees of The City of Cape Coral has branched out into so many sub-categories that it is absolutely mind boggling and very time consuming to report. The attempted cover up by City Officials of their subordinates; Corruption and gross judicial misconducts in the local 20th Circuit Court; Dishonest acts of attorneys representing the City; Derelict and unprofessional conduct of defense attorneys; Public Officials attempting to justify their illicit involvement; Media sources ignoring their responsibilities; Self righteous religious and political leaders looking the other way; and, participants attempting to disassociate themselves from accountability.

On top of that, 7 separate acts in the past 6 months by persons or groups being mentioned in my story have tried relentlessly to deter my publishing.  It seems like many people don't want this story to be told. Even highway billboard companies have refused to advertise my up-coming book. THAT IS WHY I KNOW MY STORY IS IMPORTANT AND WILL SHOCK THE CONSCIENCE OF EVERY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN AND SEND SHIVERS DOWN THE SPINES OF ALL FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS WHEN IT IS FINALLY PUBLISHED.

 But, to tell a partial story is not possible nor not my desire.  It has to be a total story of all the ripple effects stemming from the initial acts of the abuse of a few City of Cape Coral employees and the subsequent affect it had on hundreds of innocent people. Because of this, my final published story is constantly being extended, and will continue to be extended until all of the ripple actions have been disclosed and covered.

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           Cape Coral is a city located in Lee County Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico Coast. It was founded in 1957 and developed as a master-planned, pre-platted community for the wealthy. The city grew to a population of 154,305 by the year 2010. The city's population estimate was 165,831 for 2013 comprising of 73.5% white; 19.5% Hispanic or Latino; 4.3% black or African America; and the balance is other.  The median household income is $49,170, mostly because of the high wages of city employees, but has 14.1% of the local residents below the poverty level. 

          With an area of 120 square miles (310 km), Cape Coral is the largest city between Tampa and Miami. The city is known as a "Waterfront Wonderland", since with over 400 mi (640 km) of navigable waterways, Cape Coral has more miles of canals than any other city in the world.  It is estimated that 46% of the housing is owned by out of state or out of country parties who pay a higher tax to the local government being non residents of the state, county, or city.  Yet, because most of them are older, retired, or only visit the area during the winter months, the City of Cape Coral does not have to provide many of the costly services, such as schools, fire, and police of a normal city, saving millions of dollars that allows for higher employment and wages to city personnel.

          The City Counsel is predominately run by ex-city employees and/or elected predominately by the city employee's union block. During the past 20 plus years, the voting turnout averages between 18-20%, in which the city's employee block comprises of just over 15%, making it almost impossible for non-city affiliates to be elected.  Thus, the city is run by the city employees for their own benefit.

          Even though The City of Cape Coral has a 14.1% population below the poverty level, they have no, and refuse to allow, any Homeless Shelters.  They also have no Missions, or allow any religious Church or Organizations to operate Missions for those in need. Additionally, The City of Cape Coral Florida has no HUD housing for low income seniors, disabled, or veterans that most cities encourage and support.

          We feel that The City of Cape Coral Florida is one of the most disorganized, mismanaged, and dysfunctional cities throughout the entire USA, and one of the most abusive to low income seniors,  disabled persons, and veterans.

Without warning, without a warrant or a court order and without just cause, the City of Cape Coral, Fl. raided another private residence!

Later the City of Cape Coral, Florida shut off the water, cut the electricity and blocked access to the entire two story private home.

All without warning, without a warrant, without a court order and without just cause!

One property the occupants were given 20 minutes to gather their belongings.  They were locked out and the power and water was cut off.  That was two years ago and they are still locked out and the power and water is still shut off!

You ask how or why did this happen?

The real question you should be asking is... could this happen to me?


Stay tuned for the true story and events as award winning author Howard Cantrell will take you thru the chain of events and expose the people that took it to this insane point.

It is so beyond belief and reason that Hollywood can't even write a script that comes close. It will blow your mind and you should literally be scared once you learn more about the absolute abuse of power, theft, extortion, blackmail attempts, attempts to defraud, attempted illegal eminent domain, illegal land grab, corruption and more!

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 If you think you are safe in your own home in Cape Coral Florida…

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