It was Paul Dickson who appears to be the most evil of all.  It was Paul Dickson who was the supervisor of John McConnell and Kent Liebegott and who failed to properly supervise and control subordinates under his direct supervision.  It was Paul Dickson, the manager of The Building Department who failed and/or refused to respond to the letters of July 8, 2014; August 15, 2014; and January 28, 2015 specifically addressed to him.  It was Paul Dickson, who coerced and encouraged Acting Fire Marshall John Maher to unlawfully enter The Nelsen's private residence in violation of the Fourth Amendment.  It was Paul Dickson, who vindictively, viciously, and maliciously ordered LCEC on January 28, 2015 to disconnect the electricity to The Nelsen's private home.  It was Paul Dickson, who, after the disconnect of the home's electricity failed to subject The Nelsen Residence Inc. to his abuse, extortion and tyranny, who vindictively, viciously, and maliciously ordered the disconnection of  the water service on April 17, 2015. effectively condemning the home for occupancy.  In doing so, it was Paul Dickson, in his ultimate abuse of his authority, that officially condemned "GOD'S HOUSE" and prohibited the Religious Community's practice of religion in violation of both the Florida and US Religious Freedom and Restoration Act of 1993.  It was Paul Dickson who violated The Nelsen Residence Inc.'s First Amendment Freedom of Religion; Fourth Amendment, Due Process; and Fourteenth Amendment of Equal Protection.  And lastly, it was Paul Dickson who initiated the unlawful filing of a SLAPP litigation on June 15, 2015 against The Nelsen Residence Inc. with the deliberate intent to censor, intimidate, and silence The Nelsen by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition of the abuse inflicted against them.

Although abuse of authority was abundant, the deliberate abuse of authority by Acting Fire Marshall John Maher was the most arrogant.  On December 12, 2014, John Maher, coerced and encouraged by Paul Dickson in an attempt to justify fire safety issues to use against The Nelsen Residence Inc., and together with Mr. Michael VanDeutekom, John McConnell, and two other unidentified City personnel, unlawfully entered the private home of the clergy of the Religious Community of The Nelsen Residence Inc.  Under the false pretense that the property had somehow became a "commercial property" as a result of a recent zoning change made by the city, Mr. Maher unlawfully entered the private property with the intent to write up citations of Fire Code violations that only pertained to or existed to commercial buildings.  Two years prior, on August 20, 2012, when Mr. Maher was only a Fire Code Inspector, he entered the same property and initiated a list of alleged fire code violations, including alleging the same stairway to be defective.  A formal complaint lodged against Mr. Maher by The Nelsen Residence Inc. with then Fire Chief Bill Van Helden, resulted in the findings that the property was in fact a residential property not under the code requirements of a commercial property, and that the stairway in question only looked defective because of its worn condition.  Mr. Maher was instructed to reverse and dismiss his alleged cited violations and to never set foot on the property again or be in contact with The Nelsen residence Inc. at all.  Yet, fast forward to December 12, 2014, Chief Van Helden retired, John Maher was appointed acting interim Fire Chief, and for whatever reason he thought he could retaliate against his prior chastisement, he could now do.  Needless to say, the new alleged violations written by Acting Chief Maher were dismissed, they were discovered to be unfounded, and the private home was still not a commercial property subjected to commercial fire code regulations.  regardless, Building Department Manager, Paul Dickson still abused his authority by relying on Mr. Maher's fraudulent report in an attempt to justify his disconnection of utilities claiming that the home was in violation of fire codes.

In early June 2014, after becoming aware that the City Code Enforcement was making an issue over the outside stairs to the balcony of the residence, President Valenta, after inspection, made the decision to do the minor repairs needed to eliminate any problems.  Although the repairs were not of an emergency situation, the policy of The Nelsen Residence Inc. was to continuously maintain their buildings in proper condition.  Prior to leaving town, to New York to assist his brother who had recently suffered a stroke, Mr. Valenta spoke with a resident volunteer, Richard, who was very knowledgeable in construction, to assist in doing the minor repairs.  Richard was advised to not only do the necessary minor repairs of the trim boards, but to check each tread and replace them if it looked like they would need replacing within the next few years.  It was the policy at The Nelsen to not only perform repairs, but to do preventive repairs when possible.  On June 12, 2014, when Richard was performing the repairs, Mr. Michael Anagnos telephoned Mr. Kent Liebegott personally, and made false claims to him that The Nelsen was "doing construction without a permit."  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Liebegott arrived at the scene and met with Mr. Anagnos.  After speaking with Mr. Anagnos, Mr. Liebegott approached Richard, and in a very aggressive manner, demanded, "who's running this job?"  When Richard replied that he was merely doing repairs on the stairs, Mr. Liebegott stated that he could not repair the stairs without a permit.  He further stated that the job was "a commercial job; that an engineer plan was required; and that the work had to be done by a licensed contractor."  Richard immediately called Mr. Valenta in New York and informed him of Mr. Anagnos' call and the presence of the building inspector.  Mr. Valenta requested Richard to have the inspector call him in New York because there were discrepancies and inaccuracies  in the claims of the inspector.  Shortly thereafter Mr. Liebegott called Mr. Valenta and repeated his claims that the job was a commercial job because it was a commercial zoned property; that an engineer plan was required; that a building permit must be obtained; and that a licensed contractor must perform the work.  Knowing better, Mr. Valenta disputed his claims and requested the name of Mr. Liebegott's supervisor.  Mr. Liebegott was rude, abusive, and unprofessional, and refused to give his supervisor's name, claiming that he "was the supervisor over this job."  After hanging up, Mr. Liebegott ordered Richard to stop all work, and he posted a sign on the garage window stating "STOP WORK IMMEDIATELY."  In another telephone call by Richard to Mr. Valenta, Richard, who suffers from emotional problems, stated that he was in fear of the building inspector and was suffering as a result.  Mr. Valenta calmed him down and told him to just stop any work, and that he, Valenta, would handle the matter upon returning to Florida.  Upon returning to Florida, Mr. Valenta, on July 8, 2014, filed a formal complaint with The Administrator of the Building Department against inspector Liebegott and requested the name of his supervisor. After no reply to the July 8th letter, Mr. Valenta again submitted a second letter, again requesting the name of Mr. Liebegott's supervisor.  The second letter was ignored and not responded to.  Subsequent related letters of December 13, 2014 to Mr. John McConnell and January 28, 2015 to Mr. Paul Dickson were also ignored and not responded to.

       Any limited knowledgeable person in construction is well aware, and Pursuant to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBR) and the International Building Code (IBC) IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A PERMIT OF ANY KIND TO REPAIR TRIM, STAIR TREADS, PATCH, PAINT, OR APPLY WEATHER SEALING COAT."  Why is it a building inspector is not knowledgeable about that!.

      Likewise, any limited educated realtor or construction worker knows, or should know, that pursuant to the Florida Land Development Regulations, any residential building on land subsequent to its construction will continue to be a residential building, and does not automatically become a commercial property by reason of the zoning change.  Mr. Liebegott's erroneous contentions that The Nelsen Residence Inc.'s private residence was a commercial property subject to commercial requirements was not only false, but an abuse of the authority he was invested in.  Mr. Liebegott's erroneous contention that a building permit was required to perform the repairs in process on June 12, 2014 was likewise, not only false, but his erroneous STOP WORK order was also an abuse of his authority.  Subsequently, on January 27, 2017, in his required deposition under oath, Mr. Liebegott purged himself 4 times as to his appearance on the site, who called him and his involvement. (Mr. Liebegott stated to Mr. Valenta on June 12, 2014 that he "was just driving by and saw the construction in process and stopped.")  Mr. Liebegott finally admitted and testified under oath that it was not required to obtain a building permit to paint a stairway or replace treads to the stairway, a complete 100% turnaround from his contentions and claims on June 12, 2014.



       Originally designed as a Convent for Nuns, The Nelsen Residence Inc. was converted to a Religious Community of both male and female members.  The complex originally  consisted of the main residence, a 3000 square foot school to the north, and an 18 unit  housing building to the south.  The school was disposed of in 2008, after the founder, Eleanor M. Nelsen passed away.   The Facility now consists of only the residential home on one parcel, and the 18 unit hotel/motel efficiencies building known as The Haven of Divine Love on another. The residence was built in 1978, and the center was built in 1999.  Their Mission is two-fold.  To provide low cost housing for low income senior citizens, and persons with limited disabilities; and a secondary Mission to provide scholarship grants to low income achieving students entering their first year of extended education.   The Haven of Divine Love is the only facility within the entire city of Cape Coral that provides low income housing for low income citizens of the community.  The private home is a two story single family dwelling that houses the clergy and members.  It consists of 3 bedrooms, (1 BR on first floor, and 2 BR's on second floor)  5 baths (2 full bath; 1-3/4 bath; and 2-1/2 baths) and has a private Chapel.  It has the luxury of two stairways.  One original interior stair connecting the first and second floor, and one outside stair to the outside balcony.

      The Nelsen Residence Inc. prides itself in maintaining and providing a safe, clean, quiet and peaceful facility.  The buildings are always well maintained an in excellent condition.  The City of Cape Coral should be ashamed of itself for not supporting what the religious entity provides to the local community, and disgraced for the irresponsible false defamation that the city spokeswoman, Connie Barron, has portrayed to the media. She, nor any other City Council Official has never visited The Nelsen Residence Inc. or The Haven of Divine Love.  The vicious attack against The religious entity is very shameful, and the deliberate condemnation of a House of God is outright deplorable.  And I, Howard Cantrell, expect to openly disclose the treatment and dishonesty therein inflicted in my new book, "Yes Marni, There IS No place Like Cape Coral."

Upon learning that their was some kind of inspection on the stairs of the private residence, Mr. Valenta, the President of The Nelsen Residence Inc. corresponded with Mr. Frank Cassidy on June 6, 2014; July 8, 2014; August 15, 2014; August 25, 2014; and September 4, 2014 requesting information of said claims, the name of the investigator, and noticed him of erroneous and misleading insinuations and collusions being alleged.  None of the correspondences were responded to, addressed, or investigated.  No Officer, Director, or Community Member of The Nelsen Residence Inc. was contacted by anyone from Code Enforcement.  Inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act made to the City Clerk,  Rebecca VanDeutekom, pertaining to Code Enforcement personnel were evaded, documents of Code records were not produced, and a audio copy originally submitted of the Code Enforcement Magistrate's hearing of October 16, 2014 was mysteriously erased and disappeared.  The City Clerk was apparently attempting to prevent information pertaining to Mr. Michael VanDeutekom, her husband, from being disclosed.  Ms VanDeutekom even evaded her relationship to Michael in response to their relationship.  Mr. Cassidy's employment was terminated on December 18, 2014 in the middle of turmoil within his department and numerous complaints over his actions and those of his subordinates.  The cover-up began.





There is no question of the deliberate attempt by a disgruntled resident of The Nelsen, Michael Anagnos, to extort, blackmail, and defraud, and to persuade public officials to conspire with him to obtain his objective.  Documentation and evidence is overwhelming how Mr. Anagnos lured the officials into his trap and used them to do his illicit will.  Even after countless notices and information was supplied to the predominate government officials, not one took the time or effort to question what was actually going on.  It was almost as if they encouraged such activities because it was in their interest to retaliate against a vocal critic of their activities.



Mr. John McConnell was ultimately found to be the mysterious supervisor of Mr. Kent Liebegott, but not until a deposition was taken of Mr. Paul Dickson on April 26, 2016.  Prior to that time, all parties in the Cape Coral Building Department refused to disclose that information, and attempted to keep it a secrete.   Letters and complaints submitted by The Nelsen Residence Inc. on July 8, 2014 and August 15, 2014 requesting said information was never responded to pursuant to the policies and procedures of the Department.  The failure to do so by Mr. McConnell, and his immediate supervisor, Mr. Dickson is likewise an abuse of the authority invested in them as public servants.  The fact that a copy of all letters submitted to all departments or personnel were sent to the City Manager, Mayor, City Council, and City Attorney, and none of them ever investigated the actions going on or respond to the complaints, is by itself signs of gross corruption within.  Likewise, the collusion of all of the departments and management heads fully demonstrates a deliberate attempt to inflict damage against The Nelsen Residence Inc., it Officers, Directors, Community Members, and the vulnerable Residents of the community.

       On December 12, 2014, Mr. John McConnell, under the direction of Acting Battalion Fire Chief, John Maher, and together with Mr. Michael VanDeutekom and 2 other unidentified Cape Coral personnel, unlawfully entered into the private home of The Nelsen residence Inc., under the false pretenses that the property was a "commercial property" by virtue of a rezoning of the land 2 years prior.  A letter of complaint and inquiry as to his authority to do so sent by The Nelsen Residence Inc. on December 13, 2014 was not responded to.  The arrogance of Mr. McConnell, Mr. Liebegott, Mr. Maher, and other Cape Coral personnel in the abuse of their authority demonstrates their unmistaken belief that they are all "above the law" and immune from retribution.  Regardless as to what the City Manager, City Council, or City authority do, and regardless of what the Court does to correct such gross abuse and injustice, This book,  "Yes Marni, There IS No Place Like Cape Coral"   will disclose the corruption and unlawful activities of those who think they can get away with tyranny.

This author has never experienced such a number of government employees who colluded together to abuse the authority vested in them to attack a religious entity in a consorted effort to conspire with and aid and abet the attempt of a ex-felon to commit fraud.  It was almost as if they had an animosity against the entity, or were conspiring together to deliberately interfere with or destroy the entity's endeavors.  The vicious attack against The Nelsen Residence Inc.  is un-precedent throughout the country.  Until the initial attack against them began in May of 2014, The Nelsen Residence Inc., Doing Business as The Haven of Divine Love, was a low keyed religious community dedicated in providing humanitarian services to the community of Cape Coral.  There services of providing low cost housing to low income seniors and persons of disabilities was unparalleled within the city limits, as The Haven is the only entity within the city to provide such services.  The Nelsen Residence Inc. had often complained to the City Management about their inhumanity of refusal and failure to provide a Homeless Shelter; allow Missions to operate; allow substance abuse treatment facilities to operate; and provide low cost housing (HUD) for their lower income residents.  The Nelsen Residence Inc. actually, in a expression of dissatisfaction of the city's unchristian behavior, Declared War against the City's conduct.  City officials responded to said declaration through ridicule and attempts to discredit The Haven's activities in the local media, and indirectly, Declared War against The Nelsen Residence Inc..  The story "Yes, Marni, There IS No Place Like Cape Coral"   is a story of the disgraceful action implemented against The Nelsen, and the physical shutting down of their place of worship and the deliberate interference with their religious practice.  The City's attempt to circumvent the vicious acts by attempting to divert attention to a falsely claim of a defective stairs just won't fly when the truth and evidence is fully disclosed.

           Although there were, and are, numerous parties as noted in The Cast Of Characters, who contributed to the overall illicit activities, the abuse of authority of the handful of public servants noted below were the catalyst of the unlawful violations.

Ms. Buck and Mr. VanDeutekom unlawfully entered residence and tore off plywood to inspect



(drinking on the job again)


A picture of the exterior stairway leading to the upstairs balcony as it looked on May 14, 2014.  It is a secondary stairway separate from the traditional interior stairway used for ingress and egress from the first to the second floor.  The President of The Nelsen Residence Inc., Mr. Jerome Valenta, has been a licensed contractor and in the construction business for over 35 years.  In his career, he was involved with over 10,000 building projects of all kinds, and has certified that, although the stairs looked terrible, needed to be repainted or resealed, and a few trim boards needed to be repaired, the stairs were structurally sound.  Likewise, 2 separate licensed contractors who inspected the stairway both stated that with the exception of minor cosmetic repairs, the stairs were structurally sound.  Approximately 10 years prior, the stairs were coated with a white elastic roof coating to assist in water sealing.  Over the years, the coating cracked out somewhat making it appear to be separating.  However, the seal coat has nothing whatsoever to do with the structure, and it is erroneous to allege otherwise.  In related discovery proceedings, and the taking of Ms. Buck's deposition, she testified under oath that she had no construction knowledge, and particularly no knowledge of stair construction.  She took the statements of Mr. Anagnos as Gospel.




After the City of Cape Coral disconnected the electricity and water under false pretenses, thousands of dollars of damages were sustained to the building and landscaping due to the lack of watering.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages were sustained by over 100 innocent persons.    Since the City of Cape Coral condemned and closed down The Nelsen's private Chapel and deprived and deterred their religious practices, 14 attempts of suicide have been made, 7 parties succumbed to depressed excessive drinking, 6 persons experienced psychological and emotional distressful situations, 1 party reverted to physical violence, 5 persons including 2 members of our clergy lost their homes, 35 low income senior and disabled persons lost all or most of their subsidized housing allowances, 82 low income students lost their respective scholarship grants, and countless others suffered physical, emotional, mental and financial harm.  The President had suffered 3 strokes as a direct result of their actions.  These occurrences were all caused by the City of Cape Coral's deliberate abuse of authority actions with the condemnation of their religious Chapel, and the denial of  providing the necessary religious and humanitarian counseling that gave hope to those in need.  After filing formal complaints and objections of their discriminatory actions, the City of Cape Coral embarked on a blatant attempt to cover up their wrong and caused additional irreparable harm to the less fortunate of our society.  The domino and ripple effects of the City of Cape Coral's actions were capricious, and the public at large should hold each and every party responsible and accountable to God for the damages suffered to God's children.   The pain and suffering of countless human beings caused by the City of Cape Coral's  un-Christian actions can not ever be overlooked.    

On May 14, 2014, Michael Anagnos called the City of Cape Coral Code Enforcement Department and made a false claim that the stairs at a private residence located at 2307 SE 15th Place were unsafe and he had fallen through the stairs and injured himself. There was an indication that Mr. Anagnos also called the City Building Department and Fire Department and made similar claims.  Upon arriving at the property,  Code Inspector Marilyn Buck met with Mr. Anagnos, and for over one hour, they discussed and  detailed a list of claims Mr. Anagnos was insisting were violations of Building or Code Enforcement Codes.  Mr. Anagnos claimed that he was "the manager."  Ms. Buck in turn called her supervisor, Mr. Michael VanDeutekom, who came to the property to also inspect.  While inspecting, Mr. VanDeutekom and Ms. Buck unlawfully entered the building by the door on the side of the stairs, and proceeded to tear out the sheet of plywood that was attached to the undercarriage of the stair threads.  They claim to do so because they wanted to inspect the undercarriage of the stairs and inspect what they claimed was an infestation of ants. Without a warrant or probable cause other than the allegations made by Mr. Anagnos, Ms. Buck and Mr. VanDeutekom unlawfully entered the private residence of The Nelsen Residence Inc. and destroyed portions of the construction in order to attempt to build a case for violations.  Along with a claim of unsound stairs, Mr. Buck cited violations of an infestation of ants; cracked tiles on walkways; small holes in screen on balcony; and improperly stored items in the back yard (all items which consisted of a bunch of junk and garbage belonged to Mr. Anagnos).  Countless other false and unfounded claims were made by Mr. Anagnos, but were not cited. Ms. Buck and Mr. VanDeutekom than proceeded to tape off the stairway and attach a sign stating "NOTICE ORDINANCE VIOLATION."  At no time did either Ms. Buck or Mr. VanDeutekom contact any Officer, Director, or Community Member of The Nelsen Residence Inc., including Directors Anthony and Sara Rodriquez who lived in the residence, and were home at the time.  Although it appears that Ms. Buck wrote up her citation on May 14, 2014, no notice was given to The Nelsen residence Inc. until almost 2 months later.  In fact, numerous letters of complaints and requests for the name of the inspector were all ignored until Ms. Buck's name was finally given on August 18, 2014, 96 DAYS AFTER HER ALLEGED INSPECTION.   Calls and messages left for Mr. VanDeutekom were not returned.  Subsequently, on June 3, 2014, Ms. Buck returned to The Nelsen Residence Inc.'s properties, this time to the next door Haven of Divine Love Senior and Disability building, and issued a false citation claiming that a sign attached to the interior fence was without a permit. The fact that the City issued a permit for the sign in July 1999 was, and has continuously been, covered up by City Officials because of the embarrassment.  The June 3, 2014 citation for the sign issue was not posted on the doors of the Senior Center until July 8, 2014.  A complaint letter pertaining to the sign issue sent to Mr. Frank Cassidy, the Administrator of the Code Enforcement Department,  was not responded to or addressed as required.  While on the Haven Senior Center property on June 3, 2014, the  records indicate that Ms. proceeded to take down license plate numbers of all vehicles parked in the parking lot and run DMV checks on them, as if she was some kind of undercover detective on a special witch hunt. None of her checks resulted in any further actions.